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Thank you for booking a lesson with kiteschool loopy!

Important to keep in mind before booking a lesson:

  • Unfortunately, with too much (>25 knp) or too little wind (<12 knp), the lesson cannot continue, safety and a good lesson very important to us and you need good wind for that. We will contact you after your booking to possibly book several days so that the lesson can be moved to the next planned day 

  • Are you booking a multi-day course? Also then we will contact you after your booking to schedule multiple appointments

  • If you book a duo lesson, keep in mind that the difference in your weight after the first lesson cannot be more than 15 kg. The size of the kite is adjusted to your weight. We recommend continuing with private lessons afterwards

  • If you want to come with a group or if you have any questions about the classes, please contact us by mail or app

  • We will always contact you one day in advance to discuss the wind forecast and location with you

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